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Did you know that if a young person reads only five books over the summer, the effect “is potentially large enough to prevent a decline in reading achievement scores from the spring to the fall?” footnote 1

A recent study shows that while in middle-income neighborhoods the ratio of age-appropriate books per child is 13 to 1, in low-income neighborhoods the ratio is 1 for every 300 children. footnote 2

COOL FOR KIDS..GREAT FOR PARENTS / ALL ARE WELCOMED to JOIN IN THE FUN…Our Read-A-Thon will motivate children to read for fun, enjoy reading more, overcome reading obstacles, and find more time to read.

All are invited to the “Thank you” ceremony to be held on Saturday, January 15th at 12:00pm. Location TBA When mailing your tally sheets, please note if you will be attending the ceremony so we can have enough refreshments for everyone Thank you!

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