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Mission & Vision

As a growing non-profit agency which provides develop-by-demand assistance, after school tutoring, outreach lectures, and recreational activities for low-income and at-risk students, the spirit and mission behind our organization is to imbue each student with a strong sense of self-empowerment, a lot of hope, and increased confidence. Our students soon embrace that they are naturally equipped with the same potential as their suburban peers despite their surroundings.

We inspire our students to invite the challenge of challenging themselves with defiance—taking who they are to higher levels. When this happens, their ambition helps to cultivate them to become valuable leaders in our community tomorrow.

The Ambitious Kid’s Goal:

  • Celebrate and accept their positive, unique cultural differences by channeling the momentum derived from that into excelling
  • Mentally separate day-to-day survival issues from the classroom setting—reinforcing the reality that their salvation from poverty and deprivation is education, behavior modification and good health
  • Develop pride and honor for themselves through decency, self-respect and integrity
  • Maintain being a motivated participant in environmental and health and fitness activities